How to fix Unfortunately Mobdro has Stopped Working Error

Mobdro is a well-known streaming app that will find the best free video streams and let you stream it any time. It is an innovation when it comes to getting entertainment. Even without cable tv, anyone can stream different channels in a reliable way with the internet. It is the top-rate online streaming app that lets you watch your favorite tv shows, movies, series, music, sports, news, documentaries, games, and many more. However, at times, Mobdro would fail to work due to various reasons. You may get Unfortunately Mobdro has Stopped as an issue and it should be fixed in order to get uninterrupted streaming.

Without fixing up the Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue, you will not be able to use stream anything more. It is a hard time for anyone when Mobdro stops at the middle of streaming your favourite movie or any show. So it is vital to fix up this issue as to get connected with the Mobdro contents without any limits. Only if you fix the Mobdro has stopped issue, you will be able to further use the app on any of the supported device. By getting in the article, you will find out the best possible ways with which you can easily get rid of this error for an unlimited streaming experience.

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Possible Ways to Fix Unfortunately Mobdro has Stopped Issue

We have listed all the possible solutions as a fix for Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue. If you are one looking for the best guidelines for getting rid of Mobdro has Stopped Working issue, then you can follow any of the possible fixes given below.

Possible Fix 1: Clean Cache

Cache is the memory in which your device will store the most frequently used data of an app. Whenever you access such data of Mobdro app, your device will instantly deliver the result from the cache memory. So when the cache memory of your Mobdro app is full, it may cause n number of problems. It may be one of the cause for Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue. To fix it, you have to clear away the cache by following the points given below.

#1. You must go to device Settings at first.

#2. Click on Apps option from the list.

Click on Apps
Click on Apps

#3. Then click on Mobdro app by scrolling down.

#4. Click on the Storage option on the Mobdro app.

Click Storage
Click Storage

#5. Just click on the Clear Cache option.

Click Clear Cache
Click Clear Cache

#6. You have to re-launch the Mobdro app and it would have resolved the Mobdro has stopped issue.

Possible Fix 2: Reset Mobdro App

When clearing the cache memory hasn’t resolved Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue, then you can try to reset the app. By resetting the Mobdro app, all your data, account, and the contents it has will be removed and you will get an all new Mobdro app. You can follow the points given below to reset Mobdro app.

#1. Go to Settings option from the app drawer of your device.

#2. Click on the Apps option from the list of choices.

#3. Scroll down for Mobdro app and make a tap on it.

#4. You have to click on Storage option.

#5. Click on Clear Data option.

Click Clear Data
Click Clear Data

#6. Now re-launch your Mobdro app and with the reset, you would get Mobdro has stopped pop-up.

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Possible Fix 3: Reinstall or Update Mobdro App

Sometimes you may be using the older version of Mobdro app and due to the compatibility issue, you will get Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped pop-up. So to stay away from this issue, you can try reinstalling the Mobdro app or update it.

Follow the points to uninstall Mobdro app and install a new version.

#1. You have to firstly uninstall the Mobdro app that you have on your device.

Click Uninstall
Click Uninstall

#2. Open the browser and download Mobdro Apk latest version from any trusted source.

#3. Click on the Mobdro app to install the new version of Mobdro on your device.

Alternative Way

#1. You can follow the guidelines to update Mobdro app from the existing version itself.

#2. Open Mobdro app on your device.

#3. Click on Menu option from the top-left corner.

#4. Now, click on About option.

#5. Finally, click on Updates option to check for any new update.

Click Update
Click Updates

#6. In case of new version, you have to click on the Install button to update Mobdro.

Click Install
Click Install

Either of the process would work for you when in case of fixing Mobdro has stopped Working issue.

Possible Fix 4: Install Older Version of Mobdro App

You may even get Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue with the current version. So when in such a case, try installing the older version of Mobdro app to get away from this issue. You may follow the points given below to install older version of Mobdro app.

#1. Open Mobdro app on your device and go to Menu option.

#2. Click on About and under Mobdro option, you will find the current version.

#3. Now go to the browser and search for Mobdro apk older version.

#4. Download Mobdro old version from any trusted website.

#5. Click on the Install button to use Mobdro on your device.

Click Install
Click Install

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Possible Fix 5: Do a Soft Reset

When all of the possible fixes given above fails, then you can go for the soft reset. Just by restarting your device would most probably fix Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue.

So you can simply turn off your device and after few minutes, you can turn on it. With the soft reset, issues related to Mobdro app, network, and more other thing will be fixed. So you may try the soft reset.

Possible Fix 6: Factory Reset

If you have no other choices left out for fixing the Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped issue, then you may go for the factory reset. Make sure to back up your device to have a copy of all your important data. With the factory reset, all your device contents will be removed. So your device will go back to its default. After factory reset, you can try installing Mobdro app on your device and it might have sure fixed up Mobdro has stopped issue.

So you can try any of the possible fixes given in this article to stream unlimited contents without facing Unfortunately Mobdro has Stopped pop-up. In case of any further queries, you can comment us.

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