Possible Fixes on Mobdro Keeps Freezing issue (Easy Solutions)

Mobdro app brings both the live tv as well as the on-demand contents that can be streamed from any of the supported devices of multiple platforms. You can instantly watch your favourite tv shows, movies, sports, music, and more other contents every time even without requiring the cable tv subscription. It is the choice of millions of online movie streamers as with the pretty good video quality. Unlike other such streaming apps, Mobdro will not put you in trouble yet in a rarest case, you will face buffering issue. Mobdro keeps freezing at times and it needs to resolved as to get the best of streaming experience.

It is one of the most widely preferred online video streaming app as it has the biggest collection of movies and tv shows. When Mobdro keeps freezing, you may not be able to stream any videos. So it is important to fix up this issue as to get unlimited streaming using the Mobdro app. If you constantly see Mobdro keeps freezing, then you can follow the guidelines given below to resolve the issue.

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Possible Ways to Fix Mobdro Keeps Freezing

You can try any of the possible fixes given below when Mobdro keeps freezing. Any of the solutions would let you stream any Mobdro movies and videos without buffering issue.

Possible Fix 1: Check your Internet Connection

When there is any issue with the internet connectivity, then it may be the cause for Mobdro to freeze. Even with standard connection, Mobdro will let you stream contents. When the connection is poor, the video will take higher time to buffer and as a result Mobdro keeps freezing. In such a scenario, you have to check your internet connection and try loading the video again.

Check your Internet Connection
Check your Internet Connection

Possible Fix 2: Update your Mobdro App

At times, the older version of Mobdro app will put you in trouble and thus you will see Mobdro freezing issue. So to resolve it, you have to update Mobdro app that you are using or install the latest version of Mobdro app from its official website. Any of the bugs and issues that are existing with the older version would be fixed up with the Mobdro update. You will never face freezing issues as with this fix.

Update Mobdro
Update Mobdro

Possible Fix 3: Clear Cache & Clear Data

When the cache memory of Mobdro app gets overloaded, then Mobdro keeps freezing. To resolve this issue, you have to go to Settings option on your Android device to click on Apps. You can then select Manage Apps option to click on Mobdro app. Now, you should simply click on Clear Data and Clear Cache button. With this, the Mobdro storage will be cleared and it may fix up the issue.

Click Clear Cache & Clear Data
Click Clear Cache & Clear Data

Possible Fix 4: Upgrade your Android OS

Mobdro keeps freezing when you are not using the upgraded Android OS. The latest Mobdro update will be developed to work for the upgraded OS and this issue would occur if you run it on the older version. So, you should have the latest version of Android OS as to stream your favourite videos without any limits.

Possible Fix 5: Install an VPN

Sometime Mobdro keeps freezing when you try accessing the geo-restricted video contents. Such videos will be available only to specific countries and users from other parts will not be able to stream Mobdro videos. In such a case, you can try installing a VPN app on your device and it may fix up the issue.

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When Mobdro Can’t Fix Up Such Issue

Apart from the above fixes, Mobdro app can’t fix up the freezing issue on certain cases. It is because the video streams are given by various sources and Mobdro can’t do anything. So the buffering issue must be resolved on the provider side itself. When in such a case, the user of Mobdro app should wait for it.

In the same way, when there is a problem on the user connection, then the app cannot fix it up. It is indeed important for any Mobdro app users to check for the problem on the device and connection.

Any of the above fixes will definitely resolve Mobdro Keeps Freezing issue in the best way possible. Let us know if there are any others fixes available from your comments.

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