How To Fix Mobdro Not Working Error – Issues & Solutions

Mobdro Not Working Error: Mobdro app is the most commonly used entertainment tool as it lets you stream and download videos of any kind. With an uninterrupted internet connection, you can use the Mobdro app you can stream any web video contents for free at any time on all the supported devices. Mobdro app will let you find free video streams online on the go. It will search the web constantly for the best free video streams and lets you stream or download it. There are a lot of categories which you can select to stream videos like movies, tv shows, news, sports, spiritual, music, tech, gaming, and a lot more.

Mobdro app is a multi-platform application and that can be accessed from different devices. Despite this, you will also face Mobdro not working errors at times and the reason for it varies in a few numbers. The official fix for Mobdro not working error guidance is available in this article. It supports Android TV, Kodi and Chromecast with the guide available here. Prior to that, you will also be seeing the common Mobdro not working errors along with the solutions from the below sections.

Common Mobdro Not Working Errors & Solutions

While accessing the Mobdro, many of us would have faced issues that are different from one another. Some of the common Mobdro not working errors that most users have come across are as given below.

Mobdro Not Working Issue
Mobdro Not Working error
  • Parse Error
  • No content found
  • Empty Categories list
  • Can’t load data. Check your connection
  • Mobdro stopped working
  • Mobdro currently offline
  • No downloads
  • Video Playback error

1. Parse Error

Parse Error is the one most common type of Mobdro not working error that the users will let experience way before they have even installed the app. To come across this error, you have to make sure that the Mobdro APK file isn’t corrupted. Aside, you must also let the APK run on the right version as to avoid facing such issues.

 Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

2. No Content Found

No content found is a complexity rather than an error in itself. It appears when you try to find some content. When Mobdro shows no content according to your search, then it simply means that there is no such thing present in the app’s database or it also means that the particular video isn’t streaming at the time of your search.

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3. Empty Categories List

Empty Categories list issue is a rare care Mobdro not working error. It occurs in some devices that have misconfigured it’s Google public DNS. by installing the DNS changer AP, you will be getting away from it.

4. Can’t Load Data Check Your Connection

Can’t load data, check your connection is a type of Mobdro not working error that occurs due to changing the servers and allocating it with the new servers due to high traffic. Aside, the geo restrictions, fake time and date also cause this error. You have to enable automatic time & date and also use the premium VPN services.

5. Mobdro Stopped Working

Mobdro stopped working is a type of Mobdro not working problem that the users will get due to app data storage on a device. To come across, you have to clear the cache from Settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> tap on All option. Now look for Mobdro and tap on it. Again tap on the Clear cache and Clear data.

 Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

6. Mobdro is Currently Offline

Mobdro currently offline occurs when your device isn’t connected to the WiFi or Internet. Also, it occurs when the channels are in the offline mode. So you have to wait for it or you can go for online content.

7. No downloads

When in No downloads Mobdro not working error, you can either reset the app or deleted the older version as to install a new latest version of Mobdro. Note that with reset, you will lose your downloads, favourites, bookmarks, etc.

8. Video Playback Error

Video playback error is a Mobdro not working error occurs in many circumstances like when in an uninterrupted internet connection, due to low buffering speed, and more. Make sure you are using Mobdro with a decent internet connection.

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Fix Mobdro Not Working Error

Mobdro is one best media streaming apps that it is not only available for the Android platform as it works well on multiple platforms. It includes Mobdro for Kodi and Mobdro for Chromecast.

How To Fix Mobdro Not Working On Kodi

Mobdro is a platform-independent tool that can be installed as an add-on in Kodi. Working on it is easy and there occur issues at a time. Fixing it is simple and you can follow the below points as fix Mobdro not working error on Kodi.

  • Make sure of your internet connection and see to it if it is working fast to get rid of interruptions.
  • You need to follow the Mobdro for Kodi installation steps very carefully as to make use of its salient features with ease and without much complexities. The add-on will not be installed when you miss even a step.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Kodi on your phone before installing Mobdro on Kodi. If you are using the old version, then update it from the Google Play Store.
  • When installing the Add-on, you need to add a specific URL in the source box. Be extra careful and make sure that you spell it correctly.

How To Fix Mobdro Not Working On Chromecast

With the Google Chromecast, you can stream Mobdro directly on to the HDTV. Chromecast is a great device and at times, Mobdro stops working which needs to be resolved. Make sure you follow the below points to fix Mobdro not working error on Chromecast.

  • Make sure you plug in the Chromecast Dongle into the HDMI port of your TV.
  • You need to connect your Android device as well as the Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Download and install the Mobdro App if you don’t have it.
  • Once after the installation, you can open the app and play any video that you like.
  • Ensure there is a proper connection between the Mobdro to Chromecast.

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With this article, Mobdro Not Working errors can be resolved and you can work on the Mobdro app right on your device with ease. Hope you have understood the Mobdro Not Working issues and its solution right from here.

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